Reading Reaction

I was really interested in the article “How Users Read on the Web.” I was not expecting the answer the author made. Apparently the actual truth is users “don’t” read. Readers typically only search for exactly what they’re looking for and are drawn to certain aesthetics when reading articles on the web. Highlighting important information by using bullet points, bold print, or links will help readers stay interested in an article.

I like how the article drew the reader in and actually practiced what it was preaching. The simple statement of “they don’t,” with “don’t” being bolded, drew my attention into the rest of the content. It was a simple and effective statement that got me to say, “What the heck? Seriously?”

Although I am guilty of skimming through content, I found it interesting that even if the topic of a certain article pertains to what the reader is looking for, they still only read for specifics. If I am drawn into an article or if the information I am seeking is of major importance I tend to be more likely to read the content in its entirety.

This made me wonder about articles I had work hard to research and write for and the Buffalo News. I thought I had written interesting articles and it makes me a little angry that readers would only read bits and pieces of my work. I have also recently had an article written about me concerning the run across the country I am participating in. Did people actually read long enough to find the profile link and donate? Or did they just skim through the first page?


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