Favorite News Site

Yahoo.com has been my favorite news web site for a long time. I have always used Yahoo email and naturally have read news articles on their site as well. I think Yahoo is not lacking in terms of amount of material, but I do believe their quality of editing could be better. I have read a few articles with spelling and grammar issues and have always made a point of commenting on these issues after reading the articles. I like that yahoo allows readers to comment, and discuss the content of their news stories.

I like using Yahoo because of the different subjects they write about. They make finding what I want to read easy with their side navigation bar, which sorts articles by their themes. Sports, relationship advice, celebrity news, world news, and finance are just some of the themes yahoo touches on. Yahoo also has great film reviews, which I read often before spending $10 on a movie ticket.

Yahoo also has a great set up where after you read an article there is a side bar with similar articles, or other sources of information. This allows readers to gather more information quickly, because they do not have to go back and search the subject again. I like that their articles are archived well, which allows me to go back a re-read.


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