Yahoo Article

I never knew Yahoo had such an extensive web page dedicated to writing. I was always told to buy a new AP style guide every year in order to stay updated on new writing rules. Yahoo gives you the ability to look thing up instantaneously, and ask an editor. The AP style guide is more for print journalism, but the Yahoo site is specifically for web writing. I personally believe web writing will replace print, so this site being available to all writers makes writing for the web easy and more accurate. In order to be a legitimate writer you have to be accurate, and use proper grammar and spelling. If you don’t people will not take your writing seriously. By utilizing Yahoo’s resources on web writing and editing, you can make your writing appeal to all audiences by actually sounding intelligent.

I read over how to write money amounts and loved that there were examples of each rule. An example I saw was that headlines are written differently than a pricing list.
-Today Only: Llama-Hair Pencil Case for 99 Cents (Headline)
– Llama-hair pencil case (brown): $0.99 (Price List)


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