Advice from a man who’s almost done it all

Peter Burakowski of gives advice NU students

Canisius grad Peter Burakowski thought he was ‘too cool’ at his first job to cut out flyers. That was until his boss chewed him out for ruining their company’s first impression to potential clients.

“I learned that day you are not ‘too cool’ for anything. That is my advice to you, don’t think something is below you,” said Burakowski.

After working at Righteous Babe and Sony BMG Burakowski decided he needed important things like benefits and healthcare, so he took a job working in marketing for The Talking Telephone Book.

“It brought me in a decent pay check, but how can you market a phone book? I wasn’t passionate about it,” he said.

Working at a less exciting job did teach Peter one thing, “Every medium has a shelf life.”

He explained that the phone book was once used by everyone for information, and advertisers paid big money to get their products featured. “Have any of you even used a phone book lately? Have any of you used on in the past five years?” When the answer he received was no Burakowski explained that phone books have had to adapt their marketing practices over the years in order to survive. Things like apps for phones and internet use of increased by the company.

After a year working for the phone book company Burakowski finally found a job he could be passionate about at the Buffalo history Museum. The self proclaimed history buff explained, “It’s easy to work when you’re passionate about something, and who gets passionate over a phone book?”

Visit Buffalo/Niagara is Burakowski’s most recent, and current place of work. He takes big time writers from major news papers like the New York Times, and Washington Post around the city. He also does copy writing, public relations, and most recently Social Media.

“The best possible advice I can give to someone who wants to be in PR and marketing is: know the brand you’re talking about and know your audience.”


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