It does exist! Senioritis exists! I’m done my thesis, I have a job interview in Boston in two weeks and guess what I do not care about my classes. Papermaking, Web Writing, Sport Facilities Management I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!! Good Bye NU it’s been real!


Emily Burns Peryyman

When it comes to accounting it seems the only people who actually understand the numbers and equations are the the accountants themselves. Emily Burns Perryman is the middle man between accounting and the new technology making the “boring stuff explainable.”

Perryman works for Freed Maxick, which is a Buffalo business consulting firm. The firm wanted to utlize social media as a way to explain what they do to their clients, as well as inform the masses about accounting. “Making things explainable, that’s what I do,” said Perryman.

Freed Maxick uses three websites, one of which is a recruiting tool for future employees. “Theirs a blog and other sources of information for potential employees to utilize,” she explained.

By being one of the first consulting firms to use Twitter, Facebook and Google +, Freed Maxick has stayed ahead of other, larger companies. They were also one of the first chosen by Twitter to be part of the 2011 Ad Platform.

“We use a tablet friendly design after our most recent mega change. Freed maxixk changed how they promoted themselves, and how they communicated with clients,” explained Perryman. Highlighting staff, and community relations projects are Freed Maxick most recent goals.

Perryman started out at the Fashion Institute in New York City. She was a  Advertising and marketing communications major, and focused specifically on public relations. After ten years of living in the city and working in the fashion industry she moved back to Buffalo. Perryman also runs a Daschund club, and their website.

Reading Post

I found the article on Photos and how to enhance a business’s image interesting. I work for a small business call Runner’s Roost and I think they are lacking involvement in social media and the use of images. People would not have to call and ask about what we have in our store if we provided pictures of the products we carry. They could also see what the associate look like before coming into the store and have an idea about what each employee is knowledgeable in.

By having photos and the ability to comment underneath businesses can have feed back from their customers abotu their products. These businesses could also get feedback if they post ‘previews’ of their products, and determine whether or not they should carry that item. This could save these companys from failures and losing money.

I think in my store’s case we would have to ask permission from the slaes reps of the running shoe brands, if we can post imagery of their shoes. This would prevent the shoe companies from sueing a small store and possibly causing the business to fail. Generic images that aren’t copyrighted could also be used to make a point regarding why people should buy our shoes. We provide personal customer service and fit each person in the right pair of shoes for their specific arch type. We could use generic images to provide evidence about the differences in people’s feet. Having running images on our site and social media pages could also make the store seem like a fun place for runners to come to.

Roller Derby and Social Media


Sheer Tara of the Suicidal Saucies visited Niagara University’s writing for the web class, to discuss how social media has led to the rise of the Queen City Roller Girls. The Flat track blocker has spent most of her career skating, pushing and shoving for position, but most recently began to build a public relations campaign using social media.

The Queen City Roller Girls is a flat track Roller Derby League made up of all women. Within the organization are four teams, and one regional team called the Lake Effect Flurries. These teams compete against each other and other leagues from around the country. Roller Derby has even grown to be an international sport, with all-stars representing their country at international competitions.

Tara has helped spread the word about the league through QCRG’s interactive website which features up to date stories and news. Stemming from the success of the web site is the Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which provide instant information on the league and skaters.

The social media campaign has been a success in terms of spreading the word, the league has gained various sponsors to help with costs of renting rinks, equipment, and other various expenses. Sheer Tara says that “Communication between various people has led us to where we are now. We have to cooperate together, because we have one common goal and that is to make this league better.”