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I found the article on Photos and how to enhance a business’s image interesting. I work for a small business call Runner’s Roost and I think they are lacking involvement in social media and the use of images. People would not have to call and ask about what we have in our store if we provided pictures of the products we carry. They could also see what the associate look like before coming into the store and have an idea about what each employee is knowledgeable in.

By having photos and the ability to comment underneath businesses can have feed back from their customers abotu their products. These businesses could also get feedback if they post ‘previews’ of their products, and determine whether or not they should carry that item. This could save these companys from failures and losing money.

I think in my store’s case we would have to ask permission from the slaes reps of the running shoe brands, if we can post imagery of their shoes. This would prevent the shoe companies from sueing a small store and possibly causing the business to fail. Generic images that aren’t copyrighted could also be used to make a point regarding why people should buy our shoes. We provide personal customer service and fit each person in the right pair of shoes for their specific arch type. We could use generic images to provide evidence about the differences in people’s feet. Having running images on our site and social media pages could also make the store seem like a fun place for runners to come to.


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