Emily Burns Peryyman

When it comes to accounting it seems the only people who actually understand the numbers and equations are the the accountants themselves. Emily Burns Perryman is the middle man between accounting and the new technology making the “boring stuff explainable.”

Perryman works for Freed Maxick, which is a Buffalo business consulting firm. The firm wanted to utlize social media as a way to explain what they do to their clients, as well as inform the masses about accounting. “Making things explainable, that’s what I do,” said Perryman.

Freed Maxick uses three websites, one of which is a recruiting tool for future employees. “Theirs a blog and other sources of information for potential employees to utilize,” she explained.

By being one of the first consulting firms to use Twitter, Facebook and Google +, Freed Maxick has stayed ahead of other, larger companies. They were also one of the first chosen by Twitter to be part of the 2011 Ad Platform.

“We use a tablet friendly design after our most recent mega change. Freed maxixk changed how they promoted themselves, and how they communicated with clients,” explained Perryman. Highlighting staff, and community relations projects are Freed Maxick most recent goals.

Perryman started out at the Fashion Institute in New York City. She was a  Advertising and marketing communications major, and focused specifically on public relations. After ten years of living in the city and working in the fashion industry she moved back to Buffalo. Perryman also runs a Daschund club, and their website.


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